MILLESEICENTO is an interior design studio based in Milan and specialized in design and planning of retail spaces, events, residential interiors and workspaces. 

MILLESEICENTO follows several projects all over Italy and Europe for different types of clients, from private to corporate, and at different scales. 

MILLESEICENTO was founded in 2016 by Matteo Cagnazzo and Diana Marcocci. In 2022 Andrea Rubini joined the team as partner architect.


Matteo Cagnazzo (founder), Diana Marcocci (founder), Andrea Rubini (partner), Federico Bielli, Arianna Terzi 


Jeanne Gosset, Marco Mannacio, Giulia Capodiferro, Sofia Ramirez, Ilgin Depdep, Martina Dovier, Maia Cignoni, Elisa Bettega


Andrea Mantegazza


Pietro Mazza